Monday, January 26, 2009

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Happy Chinese New Year
The year of the Ox is now here.

May great fortune come your way this year.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Good boys get rewarded

We have begun the G buck system. They earn G bucks for helping around the house, not fighting, taking care of the pets etc. They loss G bucks for doing bad things. Once they have earned enough bucks they can turn them in for rewards. Most of you proably know this system as the Long buck system. (she didn't mind me stealing the idea for my kids.)

SO here are the boys enjoying their reward......

A trip to bouncertown.

If you go down on your belly you don't tumble at the end.

Just like Daddy love the video games!!!!!!

Hayden has been climbing up on this slide alone since he was 18 months. (no fear)
I love his face in this shot

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas at home

Christmas Brunch

Hadley got a pink rattle among other things

Hadley's swing died the day after christmas ( I think Hayden wore it out when it was his) so I got her this brand new totally girly one with all the whistles, bells and a light show. I actually wasn't going to get this fancy of one until I found out it plugged into the wall and didn't run on batteries. With as much as Hadley like to swing in the long run this one will be a money saver!!! Doesn't she look spoiled wrotten cute in it.

Spike the dinosaur was the BIG gift for Harmon. We waited til the very end, started cleaning up the christmas wrapping paper tonado that had hit our living room, and sadly told Harmon that Spike had not made it under the tree. (side note - he has been asking for spike since October and told Santa that he could give Hayden and Hadley all the rest of the gifts all he wanted was Spike). If I ever can figure out how to add video I will post his reaction when spike came walking through the dining room. It was priceless!!!!!!

Are you seeing a theme here? Dinosaurs were the BIG gifts this year so of course Hayden had to get one too. Hayden is in charge of feeding and petting his dino. Yes, he was a little afraid of it when he touched it and it roared and moved towards him. Big BoBo had to show him it was ok and they got on his back and played together with "saur". Hayden can't say Dinosaur yet so he calls him Saur.

Sometimes you get so excited you fall over your gift as you are unwrapping it!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas with the Cline families

Cousin Macy FINALY has a little girl family member to pal around with....
Hadley and Macy are still out numbered 2 to 4. But two girls can still outrank 4 boys : ) right
Hayden get a scooter instead of skates, much safer we hope for him

How do they know Grandpa Dave is opening up his annual peppermint sticks ? I think he is going to have to share them with some little angels....

Harmon opens up his skates and thinks they are the best gift. (he saw some at walmart and got the wants) Thanks David, Shelly and cousins three!!!!

What started out as one pail of "snow" became a blizzard right in the middle of the house. Bradley, David, Macy, Harmon,Hayden and Aunt Shelly seem to be having a ball though.

Bath time has a new member

Harmon asked Santa for a shaver for christmas so he could shave like Daddy. It came with Pink shaving creme. Both the boys had to practice there skills......... I think it looks pretty realSince Hadley was born Harmon has wanted to put her in the bath tub with him.... He was so excited to help me when she had her first bath in the baby bath, but still he dreamed of more. With a great deal of parental help and momma's hands being "right there" Harmon got to hold sissy in the tub. It was only for a second and then he had to give her back but he thought he was super brother.