Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bedtime milk

The boys decided to have their bedtime milk together in Harmon's car bed. As you can see the new Diego DVD they got for their birthday was way more exciting than Mom taking their picture

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our little piece of heaven...

Our little piece of heaven is 3 acres just outside of Bargersville. On these 3 acres we are raising our 2 little boys (my angels) and soon to be a little girl (angel number 3). Along with our children we care for a number of cats, and some dogs. While these little furry angels are not pure breeds and some are missing limbs and eyes they are still gifts from God that we love. If Harmon gets his wish we will also be adding some fish to our little piece of heaven. Outside we have a wide array of wildlife - Bunnies, squirrels, bunnies, possums, bunnies, racoons, bunnies, birds and oh did I mention bunnies. I was informed by the head bunny that we are mearly groundskeepers and they own this land, so in keeping with this thought, my two sons and I put out 8 bird and squirrel feeders and are in the process of building a bunny house. (mainly for decoration- doubt they will use it)
There is still lots to do on our little piece of heaven, so check out my blog for updates.........