Sunday, April 12, 2009

sad news today

I am usually not one to ask but it's been a long day and I could sure use a little sidenote in your prayers . Diego passed away today (Easter Morning), while we were at church. He was 17 and I knew the end was near, but he was one of those special blessings and it has been a little harder on Harmon and I (ok especially me) than expected. Diego was one of those great cats that loves being with people especially children. One day a young girl scouts stopped by our house to deliver cookies, he had never met this little girl but they became so hooked to each other, she and her mother stayed at the house an hour so she could play with him. He was very much a part of my kids lives and even foster mommied 3 abandoned kittens in his younger days. I keep telling myself he was just a barn cat that a coworker brought to me when I said my dream cat was a long haired orange cat, but I can't lie to myself he was something more. My family was lucky to have him in our lives and he will be missed.

Diego always had to be sitting with the baby whether it was Harmon, Hayden, or Hadley he kept close to them. (last pictures of Diego spring 2009)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

an evenning in the front yard

We had the kids out Wed. evenning enjoying the great weather......

Future patio, current rock climbing adventure!

Checking out Hayden's puppy dog
Should Hadley be scared of what is coming up behind her????

Hanging out getting Pictures of Hadley and her Brothers

Not real sure he should be driving yet. But I was told he will be taking Margo out on a "gator" date, and he will drive fast with her. Boy is already trying to impress the girls.