Wednesday, May 20, 2009

screaming at the top of my lungs

Micheal vick should not return to football!!!!!

This is not the type of person we want our children to look up to.

What he did and supported was horrific.

He doesn't need fame and fortune he needs rehabilitation and mental help.

People out there feel that what he did was ok and he should not be held accountable, these people may also become the next person to abuse and kill your family members. Mass murders usually have a past history of animal abuse.

We need to make a stand against this becoming OK.

If Micheal Vick is truly sorry he needs to prove it off the field, show us that he is not acting to get back in good graces so he can start making the money again and resume his abusive lifestyle.

Voice your opinion not to let Vick back into football to the NFL commisioner.

This is dear to my heart, I have cared for and raised animals that have been abused in the past and it is wrong. Imagine yourself or your child being treated like these animals are on a day to day basis and tell me you would not go crazy. THIS IS WHY PIT BULLS ARE TROUBLED. It isn't the breed it is the way they are treated.And yes for twelve wonderful years I owned a Pit Bull and he was wonderful. He was one of the lucky ones he escaped his abuser and found a loving home.


The indictment also outlined a rough chronology:
• In March 2003, after a pit bull from Bad Newz Kennels lost in a fight, it said Peace consulted with Vick about the losing dog's condition, then executed it by wetting it with water and electrocuting it;
• In March 2003, after two Bad Newz Kennels dog lost fights to dogs owned by a cooperating witness, it alleged that Vick retrieved a bag containing $23,000 and gave it to the owner of the winning dogs. One of the fights had a $20,000 purse;
• In the fall of 2003, a person witnessing a dog fight involving one of the dogs trained by Bad Newz Kennels incurred the ire of another cooperating witness by yelling out Vick's name in front of the crowd during the fight.
It also said that after establishing Bad Newz Kennels in early 2002, Vick and the others obtained shirts and headbands promoting their affiliation with the kennel.
After a police raid on the property in April, Vick said he was rarely at the house, had no idea it may have been used in a criminal enterprise. He blamed family members for taking advantage of his generosity.
On Vick's Web site, he lists his birthplace as Newport News, "a.k.a. BadNews."
Purses for the fights ranged from hundreds of dollars to the thousands, and participants and spectators placed side bets, the document said.
Local authorities have been investigating the allegations since the April 25 drug raid at the property Vick owned. On June 7, officials with the Department of Agriculture executed their own search warrant and found the remains of seven dogs.
Surry County prosecutor Gerald G. Poindexter said he didn't know of the indictment before it was filed, and said he's not sure how the county will continue its case.
At the start, authorities seized 66 dogs, including 55 pit bulls, and equipment commonly used in dogfighting. About half the dogs were tethered to car axles with heavy chains that allowed the dogs to get close to each other, but not to have contact -- an arrangement typical for fighting dogs, according to the search warrant affidavit.
The indictment said dogfights were held at the Virginia property and dog owners brought animals from six states, including New York and Texas.
In a search warrant executed July 6, the government said the fights usually occurred late at night or in the early morning and would last several hours.
Before fights, participating dogs of the same sex would be weighed and bathed, according to the filings. Opposing dogs would be washed to remove any poison or narcotic placed on the dog's coat that could affect the other dog's performance.
Sometimes, dogs weren't fed to "make it more hungry for the other dog," it said.
Information from The Associated Press was used in this report.

Last weekend with the Grandparents

Harmon and Hayden loved the staircase at the grandparents. From peeking thru the rails to dropping little balls down the stairs. It was a fun place to play.
Grandma Linda and Grandpa Glenn, and all their grandkids.

The boys had to have a hand in helping the grandparents pack for their move to California