Sunday, November 16, 2008

Madagascar Return 2 Africa

Friday Nov. 14th Harmon got his first taste of a movie theater.
After getting Popcorn, Soda, Milk Dudes, and a pretzel, he was ready to see a movie.
(one should splurge on their first time in a theater)
I am happy to report that he did very well and only had to leave the theater once and that was to get a refill. He was very concerned they might run out of Sprite.
This is very promising for my desire to take Harmon on a special event. I fell in love with this musical a few years back when my mother and I saw it. I have been awaiting it's return so I could take Harmon and eventually Hayden and Hadley when they are old enough.
(And NO it is not Cats, though that is still my number 1 favorite musical, but I feel you need to be older to understand it.)
The LION King
If you haven't seen it you must go I highly recomend it!!!!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

first kisses

The boys took to their new baby sister instantly. (ok Hayden took to the fruit plate first and then to baby sis)

Harmon had to hold her the minute he saw her.

He also questioned how she got out of mommy's belly. Any thoughts on an answer he will believe. We have been as honest and as little detailed as possible. But he still thinks we are hiding something. Hey we are ---he is only 4!!!!!!

Hospital visit 9/29/08 Hadley Arrives

Wild socks have become a trade mark of mine during delivery, So I could not pass up the cheetah girl pink socks for Hadley's delivery. (Thanks Grace for the cheetah theme)
After five minutes and five pushes out came Hadley Virginia Ann Gee. Just a few minutes later she was sporting the fingers in her mouth look. This was also a favorite of Hayden.

First bath at the hospital was not a happy one. I don't think they were using the no more tears shampoo.....

Keeping one eye open just in case someone new comes to visit and has some formula to eat
Hadley and her first stuffed animal (of course it would have to be a kitty)